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Where knowledge fuels business growth!  

A monthly webinar series for the Facilisgroup Community. 

Providing insights, strategies, and success stories in the world of promo – to empower your team and fuel your business. Join the Community Circle!   

Upcoming Community Circle Events:  


Open Doors and New Opportunities with Packaging! 

June 6, 2024 

In this interactive presentation Keepsake Products USA, a leader in the packaging industry, will showcase their innovative packaging solutions and share valuable insights on how successful distributors are using packaging not just to sell products but to open doors to new opportunities! Hear from Keepsake Managing Partner Andy Griffin as he shares his tips and tricks on leveraging packaging to create standout offerings that give you a competitive edge!

Past Events:  

Get the most out of Finance Receive Payments


Dive into our latest addition to the Finance Toolkit – the Receive Payments feature. This session serves as a refresher on the flexibility of this feature and actionable improvements you can make to your day-to-day responsibilities – Helping you to work more efficiently and effectively! 

Streamline Orders and Boost Profits with Factory Direct Deals 

High Caliber is dedicated to empowering you throughout the factory direct process, providing regular updates and ensuring that you remain in control every step of the way. Their team will demonstrate how easy and profitable factory direct business can truly be by sharing invaluable insights and strategies to help you succeed.  

Elevating Your Brand Marketing Has Never Been Easier

Learn how you can revolutionize your marketing efforts with minimal time and maximum impact with PromoPulse!  We dive deep into how AMP can create curated marketing content aligned with Preferred Supplier products. Hear from other Facilisgroup Partners on how PromoPulse has supercharged their marketing strategy and helped to grow their business. Plus, learn about exclusive discounts for Partners.

Elevate your offerings with PCNA’s BEYOND Custom Sourcing 

Are you tired of presenting the same-old "custom" opportunities to your clients? Are you seeking faster production times or access to retail styles beyond the current market offerings? Look no further! We’re excited to announce a special Community Circle event as PCNA unveils BEYOND their custom sourcing and direct import platform. Join us as our guest presenters showcase the Three Key Pillars of BEYOND and how they can revolutionize your client offerings.  

Your Backstage Pass To The Atlanta Supplier Showcase 

We set the stage for an extraordinary experience in Atlanta. Get an in-depth overview that includes details, event schedule, and the incredible lineup of activities. Learn about all the insightful sessions held and get the exclusive details that made this Supplier Showcase unforgettable. 

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