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Grow smarter.


The Facilisgroup approach pays for itself

Most partners easily recoup their monthly fees in the money they save with increased efficiencies, increased margins and vendor benefits.


We make

technology easy

Our web-based Syncore system gets your company on board quickly and seamlessly. Our training team and online training tools make sure that even the most

tech-challenged staffers are up and running in no time.

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We’re an industry leader

We are actively involved in the industry via PPAI & ASI. We are also a founding member of PromoStandards, priding ourselves as an innovator in the industry.

What's in it for me?


Grow your sales

A robust CRM system and sales management tools dramatically raise the bar and individual accountability for every step in the sales cycle.

Scale your business

Our efficient, sustainable business model provides a scalable infrastructure to position you for future growth.

Grow your margins

Cutting edge, e-commerce enabled websites connect your sales team to their clients with high margin products from your top EQP suggestions.

Lower your overhead costs

Operational efficiencies and e-business automation streamline common processes, eliminate overlaps and improve staff productivity.

Increase your profits

Purchasing power, higher margin products and reduced operating costs deliver real bottom-line results and a fast ROI.


What do I get as a Facilisgroup Partner?


Cloud-Based Technology

The Facilisgroup Syncore business management system combines essential cloud-based technology tools into one integrated, easy-to-use software system designed specifically for promotional products distributors.

  • CRM and sales management system to drive better sales

  • Order processing for improved productivity

  • Marketing tools to ramp up prospecting and brand building

  • Managed products website for the best products, margins and search tools

  • Real-time reporting and analysis for 24/7 visibility and accessibility

Programs and Services

Facilisgroup provides key programs that encompass your management, marketing, sales, product sourcing and graphics requirements.

  • Volume rebates from 60+ preferred suppliers

  • The Signature Collection website which offers the best products and margins

  • Facilis University to ensure ongoing professional development

  • Facilisgroup TASAs (Top Achieving Sales Awards) for staff motivation and recognition

Just ask our Partners...


“In 7 years, our business grew by 340%.” Peter Bunker, Vice President Sales and Marketing

Image Masters.png

“We’ve grown our sales by over $1.5M without adding a salesperson.” Tim O’Neill, President/CEO


“Facilisgroup gave us greater organization and transparency in every aspect of the process.” Enrique Perez, President


“Since joining Facilisgroup, our sales have increased, our margins have stayed healthy and we have a clear picture of who to connect with, when and why.” Seth Weiner, President & CEO


“Facilisgroup is the best thing to have happened to us! Communication between everyone in the organization has improved and we have salespeople meeting goals monthly now.” Fred Stark, Founder/Sales


“We’ve adopted the sales practices that Facilisgroup created and it has helped our business steadily grow.” Steve Madden, President

What's in it for my Reps?

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They will make more money

Better margins, greater productivity and ongoing marketing programs will grow their sales and get them the best commissions and exposure.

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They will work smarter and faster

Robust CRM and sales tools expedite speed-to-market, will keep them focused on results, and organize their daily activities. Proactive not Reactive!

nbd-online-brochure- elements_3.png

They will ramp up prospecting

Award-winning marketing tools and automated marketing programs will keep them top-of mind with clients and prospects throughout the year. Data = conversion rate for prospects < 6 months old = 35%

nbd-online-brochure- elements_4.png

They can work from anywhere, anytime

24/7 accessibility from any web-based location will keep them connected and on top of their orders in real time.

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They will have happier clients

They will stand out from the competition with a consistent and top-notch client experience for every step of the sales process.

Just ask our Reps...


Lee Scarborough-Bryant
Scarborough Specialties

“Facilisgroup brings me so many benefits. The relationships with Preferred Suppliers help me win business and the sales incentives are an excellent way to earn additional income. Additionally, the streamlined workflow allows me to concentrate on selling!”


Gara Odenrider

GO USA, Inc.

“The greatest benefit I receive from Facilisgroup is the customization they offer. Being able to send out professional proposals instead of just sending someone to a website that anyone can access is a huge advantage.”


Steve Meesters

South Paw Canada

“Customers want to deal with successful businesses and Facilisgroup offers an overall more professional way of doing business.”


Ben Janal

3Point Brand Management

“I believe Facilisgroup provides every resource needed to be successful in the promo industry.”


Mark Thigpen

Custom Images Inc.

“The Facilisgroup business model has made me strive for higher goals and made me realize I can achieve more.”

Do you want to know more?

What is a Facilisgroup “Partner”?

We refer to the owners and distributors that join Facilis as “Partners” - Partners in that we work with you to provide the support and systems you need to grow your company.

What will it cost me to be a Facilisgroup Partner?

As a Facilisgroup Partner, you pay a monthly fee based on your company revenue to take advantage of all the programs, consulting and software systems that Facilisgroup provides.

How is Facilisgroup different from other groups in the industry?

Facilisgroup takes an end-to-end approach to your strategic business growth and profitability that includes both best practices programs and leading edge technology. Unlike franchisers, Facilisgroup lets you keep complete autonomy over your businesses and finances. Unlike software and website providers, Facilisgroup focuses on all aspects of your business. Unlike buying groups, Facilisgroup provides better managed products and the tools to promote them more effectively.

brochure-white-icon_Grow Sales.png

How will you grow my sales?

We will help you grow your sales by enabling your sales team with The Signature Collection, Facilis University, Syncore sales management and productivity enhancing tools, marketing programs and more. Every Facilisgroup partner can demonstrate measurable increases in sales revenues within the first year.

brochure-white-icon_Profit Margin.png

How will you increase my gross profit margin (GPM)?

Facilisgroup partners see significant improvements in their GPM through benefits realized from buying leverage and our Signature Collection website.


How will you accelerate my marketing?

Year-round marketing programs are essential to building your company brand and engaging your target audience. With Facilisgroup, you get an award-winning product website, regularly scheduled e-mail campaigns, marketing mailings and more to ensure that your company makes a positive and professional impact all year long.


Still need convincing?


Nolan Parker, S&S Activewear “The commitment and hard work from Facilisgroup on behalf of both the suppliers and distributors has pushed our company to grow in the new ways of the world (technology) and old (relationships), which are both crucial in today’s business environment.”

David Nicholson, PCNA “The technology platform is outstanding and the Preferred Supplier benefits are a big advantage, but more than anything else, you will be joining a family of successful distributors, all of whom share similar goals.”

CJ Schmidt, HIT Promotional Products “Facilisgroup has embraced the industry’s need to adapt to upgraded technology offerings. By investing the time and money involved, it makes our company want to work harder for each and every member. These types of actions represent the true partnership.”

Jeremy Lott, SanMar “Facilisgroup is an innovative organization delivering not only great technology, but also a focus on community and collaboration that has proven to be beneficial to suppliers and distributor members alike.”

How do I know if I'm fit for Facilisgroup?

Facilisgroup partners typically have $2-10 million in annual revenues, three or more sales reps and – most importantly – a keen desire to grow.

If you want to take advantage of a proven model for growth without relinquishing any control over your company, brand or finances - you should be talking to us. To learn more and see our technology in action, contact us today or click the 'Schedule Demo' button below.

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